MLSA and Amnesty International release observation report on Istanbul Pride March

MLSA and Amnesty International release observation report on Istanbul Pride March


The Media and Law Studies Association (MLSA) and Amnesty International Turkey Office have released their Observation Report on human rights violations during the 22nd Istanbul Pride March held on June 30. The report notes that 11 people, including three children, were detained, and participants were monitored by Kadıköy Municipality officers and plainclothes police officers.

According to the report, some detainees exhibited redness on their wrists due to excessively tight plastic handcuffs. It also highlights that lawyers were denied access to the detained individuals and were not allowed into the Police Directorate building.

The report emphasizes that neither the Istanbul Governorship nor the Kadıköy District Governorship issued a statement banning the Pride March. However, the case files for the detainees included a decision from the Kadıköy District Governorship citing concerns that "provocative attacks by terrorist organizations" could occur during the "so-called LGBTI+ pride month," potentially endangering public safety and order. Based on these concerns, a ban on gatherings, demonstrations, and press statements was implemented from 00:01 to 23:59 on June 30, 2024.

The full report is available here.


The 22nd Istanbul Pride March, planned for June 30, 2024, was organized by the Istanbul Pride Committee. On June 29, the Istanbul Governorship issued a statement referring to the organizing bodies as "various illegal groups" and announced that Taksim Square would be closed off. Nine routes leading to the square were blocked starting from 8:00 AM on June 30.

Following this announcement, the march was relocated to Bağdat Avenue. During the event, 11 individuals, including three children, were detained, all of whom were later released.


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